Ribosomal Protein L29 (RPL29) ELISA Kits

Ribosomes, the organelles that catalyze protein synthesis, consist of a small 40S subunit and a large 60S subunit. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen und und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

list all ELISA KIts Gen GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human RPL29 RPL29 6159 P47914
Anti-Maus RPL29 RPL29 19944 P47915
Anti-Ratte RPL29 RPL29 29283 P25886
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Weitere ELISA Kits für RPL29 Interaktionspartner

Human Ribosomal Protein L29 (RPL29) Interaktionspartner

  1. The results showed that knockdown of RPL26 (zeige RPL26 ELISA Kits) or RPL29 expression significantly suppressed cell proliferation, induced cell arrest at G0/G1 phase and enhanced cell apoptosis

  2. Knockdown of L29 or L30 (zeige RPL30 ELISA Kits) enhanced the interaction of MDM2 (zeige MDM2 ELISA Kits) with L11 (zeige RPL11 ELISA Kits) and L5 and markedly inhibited MDM2 (zeige MDM2 ELISA Kits)-mediated p53 (zeige TP53 ELISA Kits) ubiquitination, suggesting that direct perturbation of 60 S ribosomal biogenesis activates p53 (zeige TP53 ELISA Kits) via L11 (zeige RPL11 ELISA Kits)- and L5-mediated MDM2 (zeige MDM2 ELISA Kits) suppression.

  3. HIP peptide-1 cannot recognize heparin via bio-specific interactions but binds glycosaminoglycans by non-specific charge interactions.

  4. HIP is an islet protein naturally processed and presented by HLA-DR4 molecules

  5. HIP/RPL29 plays a role in the cellular differentiation process in colon cancer cells.

  6. Hip is a pro-survival substrate of granzyme B (zeige Gzmb ELISA Kits)

  7. HIP/RPL29 antagonizes VEGF (zeige VEGFA ELISA Kits) and FGF2 (zeige FGF2 ELISA Kits) stimulated angiogenesis by interfering with HS-dependent responses

Mouse (Murine) Ribosomal Protein L29 (RPL29) Interaktionspartner

  1. depletion of Rpl29 using RNA interference inhibited VEGF-induced aortic ring sprouting

  2. Consistent with the HIP/RPL29-null bone phenotype, HIP/RPL29-deficient teeth also showed reduced geometric properties accompanied with relative increased mineral densities of both dentin and enamel.

  3. RPL29 functions as an important regulator of global growth by modulating the rate of protein synthesis.

  4. L29 (zeige RPL27A ELISA Kits)/HIP may have a role in preventing osteogenesis and fragility of adult bone in mice

Pig (Porcine) Ribosomal Protein L29 (RPL29) Interaktionspartner

RPL29 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

Ribosomes, the organelles that catalyze protein synthesis, consist of a small 40S subunit and a large 60S subunit. Together these subunits are composed of 4 RNA species and approximately 80 structurally distinct proteins. This gene encodes a cytoplasmic ribosomal protein that is a component of the 60S subunit. The protein belongs to the L29E family of ribosomal proteins. The protein is also a peripheral membrane protein expressed on the cell surface that directly binds heparin. Although this gene was previously reported to map to 3q29-qter, it is believed that it is located at 3p21.3-p21.2. As is typical for genes encoding ribosomal proteins, there are multiple processed pseudogenes of this gene dispersed through the genome.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit RPL29

  • Ribosomal protein L29 (RpL29) Antikörper
  • ribosomal protein L29 (RPL29) Antikörper
  • ribosomal protein L29 (Rpl29) Antikörper
  • anon-EST:Posey73 Antikörper
  • anon-EST:Posey204 Antikörper
  • BcDNA:RH58777 Antikörper
  • CG10071 Antikörper
  • DL43 Antikörper
  • Dmel\\CG10071 Antikörper
  • HIP Antikörper
  • HUMRPL29 Antikörper
  • L29 Antikörper
  • RPL29/HIP Antikörper
  • RPL29P10 Antikörper
  • RPL29_3_370 Antikörper
  • Rpl43 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für RPL29

60S ribosomal component , 60S ribosomal protein L43 , CG10071-PA , CG10071-PB , CG10071-PD , RpL29-PA , RpL29-PB , RpL29-PD , ribosomal protein L29 , 60S ribosomal protein L29 , HP/HS-interacting protein , cell surface heparin-binding protein HIP , heparin/heparan sulfate-binding protein , heparin/heparan sulfate-interacting protein , ribosomal protein YL43 homologue , P23 , cell surface heparin binding protein HIP

37430 Drosophila melanogaster
6159 Homo sapiens
19944 Mus musculus
29283 Rattus norvegicus
507270 Bos taurus
396993 Sus scrofa
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