Calmodulin 1 (Phosphorylase Kinase, Delta) Proteine (CALM1)

Calmodulin 1 (Phosphorylase Kinase, Delta) Proteine (CALM1)
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AI256814, AI327027, AI461935, AL024000, Calm, CALML2, caM, CAMI, CPVT4, DD132, PHKD
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
Maus CALM1 CALM1 12313 P62204
Ratte CALM1 CALM1 24242 P62161
Human CALM1 CALM1 801 P62158

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Mouse (Murine) Calmodulin 1 (Phosphorylase Kinase, Delta) (CALM1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Both FMRP (zeige FMR1 Proteine) deficiency in Fmr1 (zeige FMR1 Proteine)(I304N) mice and Fmr1 (zeige FMR1 Proteine) knockdown impeded the axonal delivery of miR (zeige MLXIP Proteine)-181d, Map1b (zeige MAP1B Proteine), and Calm1 (zeige Calm2 Proteine) and reduced the protein levels of MAP1B (zeige MAP1B Proteine) and calmodulin (zeige Calm2 Proteine) in axons.

  2. The association of calcium-bound calmodulin (CaM (zeige Calm2 Proteine)) with DREAM is mediated by a short amphipathic amino acid sequence located between residues 29 and 44 on DREAM.

  3. Calcium plays a role in regulating the expression and function of beta-adducin to sustain normal organization of the spectrin-based cytoskeleton and the differentiation properties in keratinocytes through the calmodulin/EGFR/cadherin signaling pathway.

  4. Data suggest that Cys3602 in RyR2 (ryanodine receptor 2) plays important role in activation/termination of Ca2+ release, but it is not essential for calmodulin regulation of RyR2.

  5. CaM (zeige Calm2 Proteine) plays an active role in shaping both the spatial and temporal aspects of calcineurin (zeige PPP3CA Proteine)-mediated calcium signaling.

  6. Calm1 (zeige Calm2 Proteine) signaling pathway is essential for the migration of mouse precerebellar neurons.

  7. Ca(2+) binding to calmodulin induces major conformational changes in both IQ motifs and the post-IQ domain and increases flexibility of the myosin-1c tail.

  8. Using mass spectrometry this study identified calmodulin (zeige Calm2 Proteine) as a calcium-dependent GluN2A (zeige GRIN2A Proteine) binding partner.

  9. new insights into the role of BTK (zeige BTK Proteine), an important target for autoimmune diseases, in B cell activation (zeige BLNK Proteine)

  10. The relationships between the interaction of alphaCaMKII with CaM (zeige Calm2 Proteine) and the conformational change of alphaCaMKII, were investigated.

Human Calmodulin 1 (Phosphorylase Kinase, Delta) (CALM1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Data suggest that GRB10 (zeige GRB10 Proteine) and GRB14 (zeige GRB14 Proteine) are both Ca2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+-dependent CaM-binding proteins; more than one CaM-binding site and/or accessory CaM-binding sites appear to exist in GRB10 (zeige GRB10 Proteine) and GRB14 (zeige GRB14 Proteine), as compared to a single one present in GRB7 (zeige GRB7 Proteine). (GRB10 (zeige GRB10 Proteine) = growth factor receptor-bound protein 10 (zeige GRB10 Proteine); GRB14 (zeige GRB14 Proteine) = growth factor receptor-bound protein 14 (zeige GRB14 Proteine); CaM = calmodulin; GRB7 (zeige GRB7 Proteine) = growth factor receptor-bound protein 7 (zeige GRB7 Proteine))

  2. studies demonstrate that UBE3B (zeige UBE3B Proteine) is an E3 ubiquitin ligase (zeige MUL1 Proteine) and reveal that the enzyme is regulated by calmodulin. Furthermore, the modulation of UBE3B (zeige UBE3B Proteine) via calmodulin and calcium implicates a role for calcium signaling in mitochondrial protein (zeige COX6B2 Proteine) ubiquitylation, protein turnover, and disease

  3. Up-regulation of miR (zeige MLXIP Proteine)-335 suppressed CaM protein expression in patients with acute ischemic stroke, and CaM was confirmed as a direct target of miR (zeige MLXIP Proteine)-335.

  4. The unique properties of the CaM-F142L mutation may provide novel clues on how to suppress excessive RyR2 Ca(2+) release by manipulating the CaM-RyR2 interaction.

  5. CaM is required for the regulation of lysosome/vacuole size by TRPML1 (zeige MCOLN1 Proteine), suggesting that TRPML1 (zeige MCOLN1 Proteine) may promote lysosome fission by activating CaM.

  6. Calmodulin-induced dimerization of ER-alpha (zeige ESR1 Proteine) is required for estrogen-stimulated transcriptional activation by the receptor.

  7. Data indicate that the IQGAP1 N-terminal fragment spanning residues 1-191 (CHDF) binds to both F-actin and Ca(2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+)/calmodulin.

  8. This study reports how phosphorylation of a regulatory site (Ser-500) integrates with Ca(2+) and CaM to influence eEF-2K activity.

  9. Findings show that calmodulin (CaM) stimulates phosphoinositide-3-kinase (PI3K (zeige PIK3CA Proteine)) lipid kinase activity by binding MARCKS (zeige MARCKS Proteine) and displacing it from phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) headgroups, thereby releasing free PIP2 that recruits active PI3K (zeige PIK3CA Proteine) to the membrane and serves as the substrate for the generation of phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate (PIP3).

  10. CaM D129G mutation led to bradycardia in zebrafish and an arrhythmic phenotype.

Calmodulin 1 (Phosphorylase Kinase, Delta) (CALM1) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

This gene encodes a member of the EF-hand calcium-binding protein family. It is one of three genes which encode an identical calcium binding protein which is one of the four subunits of phosphorylase kinase. Two pseudogenes have been identified on chromosome 7 and X. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Calmodulin 1 (Phosphorylase Kinase, Delta) (CALM1)

  • calmodulin 1 (Calm1)
  • calmodulin 1 (phosphorylase kinase, delta) (CALM1)
  • AI256814 Protein
  • AI327027 Protein
  • AI461935 Protein
  • AL024000 Protein
  • Calm Protein
  • CALML2 Protein
  • caM Protein
  • CAMI Protein
  • CPVT4 Protein
  • DD132 Protein
  • PHKD Protein

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für CALM1

calmodulin , Calmodulin 1 (phosphorylase kinase, delta) , caM , phosphorylase kinase, delta subunit , prepro-calmodulin 1

12313 Mus musculus
24242 Rattus norvegicus
801 Homo sapiens
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