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Regulatorische RNA Pathways

Finden Sie Antikörper und ELISA Kits zu Targets aus den regulatorischen RNA Pathways.


Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
DICER1 - Dicer 1, Ribonuclease Type III: DICER1 Antikörper DICER1 ELISA Kits DICER1 Proteine
DGCR8 (DiGeorge Syndrome Critical Region Gene 8): DGCR8 Antikörper DGCR8 ELISA Kits DGCR8 Proteine
DROSHA (Drosha, Ribonuclease Type III): DROSHA Antikörper DROSHA ELISA Kits DROSHA Proteine


Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
EIF2C1 - Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 2C, 1: EIF2C1 Antikörper EIF2C1 ELISA Kits EIF2C1 Proteine
EIF2C2 - AGO2: EIF2C2 Antikörper EIF2C2 ELISA Kits EIF2C2 Proteine
EIF2C4 - Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 2C, 4: EIF2C4 Antikörper EIF2C4 ELISA Kits EIF2C4 Proteine
EIF2C3 - Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 2C3: EIF2C3 Antikörper EIF2C3 ELISA Kits EIF2C3 Proteine


Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
POLR2A (Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide A, 220kDa): POLR2A Antikörper POLR2A ELISA Kits POLR2A Proteine
POLR2B - Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide B, 140kDa: POLR2B Antikörper POLR2B ELISA Kits  
POLR2C - Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide C, 33kDa: POLR2C Antikörper POLR2C ELISA Kits POLR2C Proteine
POLR2D (Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide D): POLR2D Antikörper POLR2D ELISA Kits POLR2D Proteine
POLR2E - Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide E, 25kDa: POLR2E Antikörper POLR2E ELISA Kits POLR2E Proteine
POLR2F - Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide F: POLR2F Antikörper POLR2F ELISA Kits POLR2F Proteine
POLR2G - Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide G: POLR2G Antikörper POLR2G ELISA Kits POLR2G Proteine
POLR2H (Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide H): POLR2H Antikörper POLR2H ELISA Kits POLR2H Proteine
POLR2I - Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide I, 14.5kDa: POLR2I Antikörper POLR2I ELISA Kits POLR2I Proteine
POLR2J - Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide J, 13.3kDa: POLR2J Antikörper   POLR2J Proteine
POLR2K (Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide K, 7.0kDa): POLR2K Antikörper POLR2K ELISA Kits POLR2K Proteine
POLR2L - Polymerase (RNA) II (DNA Directed) Polypeptide L, 7.6kDa: POLR2L Antikörper POLR2L ELISA Kits POLR2L Proteine
PRKRA - Protein Kinase, Interferon-Inducible Double Stranded RNA Dependent Activator: PRKRA Antikörper PRKRA ELISA Kits PRKRA Proteine
RAX (Retina and Anterior Neural Fold Homeobox): RAX Antikörper RAX ELISA Kits RAX Proteine
RBBP6 (Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 6): RBBP6 Antikörper RBBP6 ELISA Kits RBBP6 Proteine
RBP4 (Retinol Binding Protein 4, Plasma): RBP4 Antikörper RBP4 ELISA Kits RBP4 Proteine
RBP7 - Retinol Binding Protein 7, Cellular: RBP7 Antikörper RBP7 ELISA Kits RBP7 Proteine


Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
XPO5 - Exportin 5: XPO5 Antikörper XPO5 ELISA Kits XPO5 Proteine
RAN (RAN, Member RAS Oncogene Family): RAN Antikörper RAN ELISA Kits RAN Proteine
TARBP2 - TAR (HIV-1) RNA Binding Protein 2: TARBP2 Antikörper TARBP2 ELISA Kits TARBP2 Proteine
TARBP2P - TAR (HIV-1) RNA Binding Protein 2 Pseudogene: TARBP2P Antikörper    
TNRC6B (Trinucleotide Repeat Containing 6B): TNRC6B Antikörper    
TNRC6C (Trinucleotide Repeat Containing 6C): TNRC6C Antikörper