Opti-Seal qPCR Semi-skirted plate (Standard)

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Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR)
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Spezifität All Opti-Seal qPCR plates are nucleases-free, pyrogen-free, and nucleic acids-free.

Compatible Machine:
- ABI-7000, 7003, 7500, 7700, 7900
- ABI-7900HT Standard 96-well Block
- Bio-Rad-iCyclerTM
- Bio-Rad-iQTM4/5
- Bio-Rad-MyiQ/MyiQ2
- Eppendorf-Mx4000®
- Eppendorf-Mx3000P®
- Eppendorf-Mx3005PTM
Produktmerkmale Opti-Seal qPCR plates are 96 wells plate made in a standard 8*12 configuration with thin-walled design, allowing rapid and efficient thermal transfer. Opti-Seal qPCR plates have both standard(0.2 mL) and low-profile (0.1 mL) versions tailoring to your needs. All Opti-Seal qPCR plates are molded with precision from high-quality polypropylene to achieve optimal well-to-well and plate-to-plate consistency. The interior of the wells has an ultra smooth and inert surface on which nucleic acids and enzymes do not bind to. Opti-Seal qPCR plates have alphanumeric grid for easy sample identification. In addition, all Opti-Seal qPCR plates are nucleases-free, pyrogen-free, and nucleic acids-free.
Applikationshinweise Sealing can be performed with Opti-Seal qPCR Sealing and Storage Films which is compatible with almost all 96-well thermal cyclers.

10 Plates/Box

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