Adrenomedullin 2 Proteine (ADM2)

Adrenomedullin 2 Proteine (ADM2)
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ADM2, Am2, dJ579N16.4, Imd, Imdn, si:dkey-22l11.3
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
Human ADM2 ADM2 79924 Q7Z4H4
Maus ADM2 ADM2 223780 Q7TNK8
ADM2 399475 P61312

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Human Adrenomedullin 2 (ADM2) Interaktionspartner

  1. The plasma ADM2 levels were inversely correlated with obesity in humans, and adipo-ADM2-transgenic (tg) mice displayed resista (zeige MAPK14 Proteine)nce to high-fat diet-induced obesity with increased energy expenditure.

  2. Mouse and human heart valves expressed mRNAs for the CRL (zeige IL31RA Proteine) ligands adrenomedullin (zeige ADM Proteine) (AM), adrenomedullin-2 (AM-2) and calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP (zeige CALCA Proteine)) and for their receptor components, i.e., CRL (zeige IL31RA Proteine) and receptor-activity-modifying proteins 1-3.

  3. ADM-2 is a stress-inducible gene controlled by ATF-4 (zeige ATF4 Proteine).

  4. Intermedin1-53 may attenuate vascular calcification by upregulating alpha-Klotho (zeige KL Proteine) via the calcitonin receptor (zeige CALCR Proteine)/modifying protein complex and protein kinase A signaling.

  5. Intermedin (IMD) derived from human cardiac microvascular endothelial cell and acting in a paracrine manner on cardiomyocytes, predominantly at AM1 receptors, is more likely to contribute to direct protection by endogenous IMD of cardiomyocytes against acute ischemia reperfusion injury.

  6. Elevated plasma intermedin levels are independently associated with long-term recurrence and distant metastasis of prostate cancer.

  7. ADM2 may contribute to the physiology of embryo implantation and placental growth via increasing MMP2 (zeige MMP2 Proteine) and decreasing MUC1 (zeige MUC1 Proteine) expression to facilitate trophoblast invasion.

  8. Plasma intermedin and BNP levels were markedly higher in acute coronary syndrome patients than in healthy people.

  9. High levels of ADM2 expression predict a poorer survival in patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

  10. TSH induced AM2/IMD expression in the thyroid gland and it could locally work as a potent vasodilator, resulting in the expansion of thyroid inter-follicular capillaries.

Mouse (Murine) Adrenomedullin 2 (ADM2) Interaktionspartner

  1. ADM2 enhances subcutaneous White Adipose Tissue beiging via a direct effect by activating the CRLR.RAMP1-cAMP/PKA and p38 MAPK (zeige MAPK14 Proteine) pathways in white adipocytes and via an indirect effect by stimulating alternative M2 polarization in macrophages.

  2. Mouse and human heart valves expressed mRNAs for the CRL ligands adrenomedullin (zeige ADM Proteine) (AM), adrenomedullin-2 (AM-2) and calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP (zeige CALCA Proteine)) and for their receptor components, i.e., CRL and receptor-activity-modifying proteins 1-3.

  3. IMD reduces bone resorption by inhibiting osteoblast apoptosis, decreasing the RANKL/OPG (zeige TNFSF11 Proteine) ratio and the expression of M-CSF (zeige CSF1R Proteine), and inhibiting osteoclast maturation and differentiation.

  4. Adrenomedullin-2/intermedin(8-47) ameliorates early ischemia/reperfusion injury in mouse lungs by protecting the integrity of the blood-air barrier and by potently reducing leukocyte influx into the alveolar space

  5. Intermedin attenuates macrophage foam-cell formation via tristetraprolin (zeige ZFP36 Proteine)-mediated degradation of CD36 (zeige CD36 Proteine) mRNA.

  6. increased stability of PTEN by intermedin leads to SR-A (zeige MSR1 Proteine) inhibition in macrophages, which ameliorates foam-cell formation and atherosclerosis in apoE (zeige APOE Proteine)(-/-) mice.

  7. Data show that mechanical ventilation reduced the expression of receptor activity-modifying protein RAMP3 (zeige RAMP3 Proteine), but not of intermedin (IMD), calcitonin receptor-like receptor (CRLR (zeige CALCRL Proteine)), and RAMP1 (zeige RAMP1 Proteine) and RAMP2 (zeige RAMP2 Proteine).

  8. Intermedin is a calcitonin/calcitonin (zeige CALCA Proteine) gene-related peptide (zeige CALCA Proteine) family peptide acting through the calcitonin receptor-like receptor (zeige CALCRL Proteine)/receptor activity-modifying protein receptor complexes

  9. Our data suggest that IMD acutely augments cardiomyocyte contractile function through, at least in part, a protein kinase C- and protein kinase A-dependent mechanism.

  10. tissue adrenomedullin 2 intermedin content was positively correlated with the diastolic blood pressure and negatively correlated with pulse pressure

Adrenomedullin 2 (ADM2) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

This gene encodes a protein which is a member of the calcitonin-related hormones. The encoded protein is involved in maintaining homeostasis in many tissues, acting via CRLR/RAMP receptor (calcitonin receptor-like receptor/receptor activity-modifying protein) complexes. Multiple alternatively spliced variants, encoding the same protein, have been identified.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Adrenomedullin 2 (ADM2)

  • adrenomedullin 2a (adm2a)
  • adrenomedullin 2 (ADM2)
  • adrenomedullin 2 (am2)
  • adrenomedullin 2 (Adm2)
  • ADM2 Protein
  • Am2 Protein
  • dJ579N16.4 Protein
  • Imd Protein
  • Imdn Protein
  • si:dkey-22l11.3 Protein

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adrenomedullin 2 , intermedin , adrenomedullin 2 precusor , ADM2

403114 Danio rerio
470251 Pan troglodytes
606919 Canis lupus familiaris
618896 Bos taurus
720666 Macaca mulatta
100125439 Oryzias latipes
79924 Homo sapiens
100517471 Sus scrofa
223780 Mus musculus
399475 Rattus norvegicus
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