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DNA Replication

Browse our antibodies, ELISA kits and proteins related to DNA replication.

A - C

Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
CDC45 (Cell Division Cycle 45 Homolog (S. Cerevisiae)): CDC45 Antikörper   CDC45 Proteine
CDC6 (Cell Division Cycle 6 Homolog (S. Cerevisiae)): CDC6 Antikörper CDC6 ELISA Kits CDC6 Proteine
CDC7 (Cell Division Cycle 7 Homolog (S. Cerevisiae)): CDC7 Antikörper CDC7 ELISA Kits CDC7 Proteine
CDT1 (Chromatin Licensing and DNA Replication Factor 1): CDT1 Antikörper CDT1 ELISA Kits CDT1 Proteine
CCNA1 - Cyclin A1: CCNA1 Antikörper CCNA1 ELISA Kits CCNA1 Proteine
CCNA2 - Cyclin A: CCNA2 Antikörper CCNA2 ELISA Kits CCNA2 Proteine
CDK1 (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 1): CDK1 Antikörper CDK1 ELISA Kits CDK1 Proteine
CDK2 (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2): CDK2 Antikörper CDK2 ELISA Kits CDK2 Proteine
CDK2AP2 (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 Associated Protein 2): CDK2AP2 Antikörper CDK2AP2 ELISA Kits CDK2AP2 Proteine
CDKN1A (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1A): CDKN1A Antikörper CDKN1A ELISA Kits CDKN1A Proteine
CDKN1A (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1A (p21, Cip1)): CDKN1A Antikörper CDKN1A ELISA Kits CDKN1A Proteine
CDKN1B (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1B (p27, Kip1)): CDKN1B Antikörper CDKN1B ELISA Kits CDKN1B Proteine

D - O

Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
DBF4 (DBF4 Homolog (S. Cerevisiae)): DBF4 Antikörper   DBF4 Proteine
DNA2 (DNA Replication Helicase 2 Homolog (Yeast)): DNA2 Antikörper DNA2 ELISA Kits  
E2F1 (E2F Transcription Factor 1): E2F1 Antikörper E2F1 ELISA Kits E2F1 Proteine
E2F2 (E2F Transcription Factor 2): E2F2 Antikörper E2F2 ELISA Kits E2F2 Proteine
EIF3I (Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 3, Subunit I): EIF3I Antikörper EIF3I ELISA Kits EIF3I Proteine
FZR1 (Fizzy/cell Division Cycle 20 Related 1 (Drosophila)): FZR1 Antikörper   FZR1 Proteine
FEN1 (Flap Structure-Specific Endonuclease 1): FEN1 Antikörper FEN1 ELISA Kits FEN1 Proteine
GMNN - Geminin, DNA Replication Inhibitor: GMNN Antikörper GMNN ELISA Kits GMNN Proteine
GINS1 (GINS Complex Subunit 1 (Psf1 Homolog)): GINS1 Antikörper GINS1 ELISA Kits GINS1 Proteine
GINS2 - GINS Complex Subunit 2 (Psf2 Homolog): GINS2 Antikörper GINS2 ELISA Kits GINS2 Proteine
GINS4 - GINS Complex Subunit 4 (Sld5 Homolog): GINS4 Antikörper GINS4 ELISA Kits GINS4 Proteine
IFI27 - Interferon, alpha-Inducible Protein 27: IFI27 Antikörper IFI27 ELISA Kits IFI27 Proteine
LIG1 (Ligase I, DNA, ATP-Dependent): LIG1 Antikörper LIG1 ELISA Kits LIG1 Proteine
MCM2 - Minichromosome Maintenance Complex Component 2: MCM2 Antikörper MCM2 ELISA Kits MCM2 Proteine
MCM3 (Minichromosome Maintenance Complex Component 3): MCM3 Antikörper MCM3 ELISA Kits MCM3 Proteine
MCM5 - Minichromosome Maintenance Complex Component 5: MCM5 Antikörper MCM5 ELISA Kits MCM5 Proteine
MCM6 - Minichromosome Maintenance Complex Component 6: MCM6 Antikörper MCM6 ELISA Kits MCM6 Proteine
MCM7 - Minichromosome Maintenance Complex Component 7: MCM7 Antikörper MCM7 ELISA Kits MCM7 Proteine
MCM10 (Minichromosome Maintenance Deficient 10): MCM10 Antikörper MCM10 ELISA Kits MCM10 Proteine
MCM4 (Minichromosome Maintenance Deficient 4): MCM4 Antikörper MCM4 ELISA Kits MCM4 Proteine
MCM8 (Minichromosome Maintenance Deficient 8): MCM8 Antikörper MCM8 ELISA Kits MCM8 Proteine
ORC1L - Origin Recognition Complex, Subunit 1-Like (Yeast): ORC1L Antikörper ORC1L ELISA Kits ORC1L Proteine
ORC3 (Origin Recognition Complex, Subunit 3): ORC3 Antikörper ORC3 ELISA Kits ORC3 Proteine
ORC4 (Origin Recognition Complex, Subunit 4): ORC4 Antikörper ORC4 ELISA Kits ORC4 Proteine
ORC5 (Origin Recognition Complex, Subunit 5): ORC5 Antikörper   ORC5 Proteine
ORC6 (Origin Recognition Complex, Subunit 6): ORC6 Antikörper ORC6 ELISA Kits ORC6 Proteine

Proteasome (Prosome)

Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
PAG1 (Proteasome Subunit alpha Type-3):     PAG1 Proteine
PSMC1 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, ATPase, 1): PSMC1 Antikörper PSMC1 ELISA Kits PSMC1 Proteine
PSMC2 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, ATPase, 2: PSMC2 Antikörper PSMC2 ELISA Kits PSMC2 Proteine
PSMC3 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, ATPase, 3): PSMC3 Antikörper PSMC3 ELISA Kits PSMC3 Proteine
PSMC4 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, ATPase, 4: PSMC4 Antikörper PSMC4 ELISA Kits PSMC4 Proteine
PSMC5 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, ATPase, 5): PSMC5 Antikörper PSMC5 ELISA Kits PSMC5 Proteine
PSMC6 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, ATPase, 6: PSMC6 Antikörper PSMC6 ELISA Kits PSMC6 Proteine
PSMD1 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 1): PSMD1 Antikörper PSMD1 ELISA Kits PSMD1 Proteine
PSMD10 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 10: PSMD10 Antikörper PSMD10 ELISA Kits PSMD10 Proteine
PSMD11 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 11: PSMD11 Antikörper PSMD11 ELISA Kits PSMD11 Proteine
PSMD12 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 12): PSMD12 Antikörper PSMD12 ELISA Kits PSMD12 Proteine
PSMD13 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 13: PSMD13 Antikörper PSMD13 ELISA Kits PSMD13 Proteine
PSMD14 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 14: PSMD14 Antikörper PSMD14 ELISA Kits PSMD14 Proteine
PSMD2 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 2): PSMD2 Antikörper PSMD2 ELISA Kits PSMD2 Proteine
PSMD3 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 3: PSMD3 Antikörper PSMD3 ELISA Kits PSMD3 Proteine
Psmd4 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 4: Psmd4 Antikörper Psmd4 ELISA Kits Psmd4 Proteine
PSMD5 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 5): PSMD5 Antikörper PSMD5 ELISA Kits PSMD5 Proteine
PSMD6 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 6): PSMD6 Antikörper PSMD6 ELISA Kits PSMD6 Proteine
PSMD7 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 7: PSMD7 Antikörper PSMD7 ELISA Kits PSMD7 Proteine
PSMD8 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 8: PSMD8 Antikörper PSMD8 ELISA Kits PSMD8 Proteine
PSMD9 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) 26S Subunit, Non-ATPase, 9: PSMD9 Antikörper PSMD9 ELISA Kits PSMD9 Proteine
PSME1 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Activator Subunit 1 (PA28 Alpha)): PSME1 Antikörper PSME1 ELISA Kits PSME1 Proteine
PSME2 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Activator Subunit 2 (PA28 Beta): PSME2 Antikörper PSME2 ELISA Kits PSME2 Proteine
PSME4 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Activator Subunit 4: PSME4 Antikörper    
PSMF1 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Inhibitor Subunit 1 (PI31): PSMF1 Antikörper PSMF1 ELISA Kits PSMF1 Proteine
PSMA1 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, alpha Type, 1): PSMA1 Antikörper PSMA1 ELISA Kits PSMA1 Proteine
PSMA2 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, alpha Type, 2): PSMA2 Antikörper PSMA2 ELISA Kits PSMA2 Proteine
PSMA3 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, alpha Type, 3: PSMA3 Antikörper PSMA3 ELISA Kits PSMA3 Proteine
PSMA4 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, alpha Type, 4): PSMA4 Antikörper PSMA4 ELISA Kits PSMA4 Proteine
PSMA5 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, alpha Type, 5: PSMA5 Antikörper PSMA5 ELISA Kits PSMA5 Proteine
PSMA6 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, alpha Type, 6: PSMA6 Antikörper PSMA6 ELISA Kits PSMA6 Proteine
PSMA7 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, alpha Type, 7: PSMA7 Antikörper PSMA7 ELISA Kits PSMA7 Proteine
PSMA8 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, alpha Type, 8): PSMA8 Antikörper   PSMA8 Proteine
PSMB10 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type 10): PSMB10 Antikörper PSMB10 ELISA Kits PSMB10 Proteine
PSMB2 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type 2: PSMB2 Antikörper PSMB2 ELISA Kits PSMB2 Proteine
PSMB1 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type, 1: PSMB1 Antikörper PSMB1 ELISA Kits PSMB1 Proteine
PSMB3 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type, 3: PSMB3 Antikörper PSMB3 ELISA Kits PSMB3 Proteine
PSMB4 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type, 4: PSMB4 Antikörper PSMB4 ELISA Kits PSMB4 Proteine
PSMB5 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type, 5: PSMB5 Antikörper PSMB5 ELISA Kits PSMB5 Proteine
PSMB6 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type, 6): PSMB6 Antikörper PSMB6 ELISA Kits PSMB6 Proteine
PSMB7 (Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type, 7): PSMB7 Antikörper PSMB7 ELISA Kits PSMB7 Proteine
PSMB8 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type, 8 (Large Multifunctional Peptidase 7): PSMB8 Antikörper PSMB8 ELISA Kits PSMB8 Proteine
PSMB9 - Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, beta Type, 9 (Large Multifunctional Peptidase 2): PSMB9 Antikörper PSMB9 ELISA Kits PSMB9 Proteine


Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
PIP5K1A (Phosphatidylinositol-4-Phosphate 5-Kinase, Type I, alpha): PIP5K1A Antikörper   PIP5K1A Proteine
POLA2 (Polymerase (DNA Directed), alpha 2 (70kD Subunit)): POLA2 Antikörper POLA2 ELISA Kits POLA2 Proteine
POLD1 - Polymerase (DNA Directed), delta 1, Catalytic Subunit 125kDa: POLD1 Antikörper POLD1 ELISA Kits POLD1 Proteine
POLD2 (Polymerase (DNA Directed), delta 2, Accessory Subunit): POLD2 Antikörper POLD2 ELISA Kits POLD2 Proteine
POLE2 - Polymerase (DNA Directed), epsilon 2 (p59 Subunit): POLE2 Antikörper POLE2 ELISA Kits POLE2 Proteine
POLE (Polymerase (DNA Directed), Epsilon, Catalytic Subunit): POLE Antikörper    
POLD3 - Polymerase (DNA-Directed), delta 3, Accessory Subunit: POLD3 Antikörper POLD3 ELISA Kits POLD3 Proteine
POLD4 (Polymerase (DNA-Directed), delta 4, Accessory Subunit): POLD4 Antikörper POLD4 ELISA Kits POLD4 Proteine
PRIM1 - Primase, DNA, Polypeptide 1 (49kDa): PRIM1 Antikörper PRIM1 ELISA Kits PRIM1 Proteine
PRIM2 - Primase, DNA, Polypeptide 2 (58kDa): PRIM2 Antikörper PRIM2 ELISA Kits PRIM2 Proteine
PCNA (Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen): PCNA Antikörper PCNA ELISA Kits PCNA Proteine
PSME3 (PSME3): PSME3 Antikörper PSME3 ELISA Kits PSME3 Proteine

R - Z

Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
RFC1 - Replication Factor C (Activator 1) 1, 145kDa: RFC1 Antikörper RFC1 ELISA Kits RFC1 Proteine
RFC2 (Replication Factor C (Activator 1) 2, 40kDa): RFC2 Antikörper RFC2 ELISA Kits RFC2 Proteine
RFC3 - Replication Factor C (Activator 1) 3, 38kDa: RFC3 Antikörper RFC3 ELISA Kits RFC3 Proteine
RFC4 (Replication Factor C (Activator 1) 4, 37kDa): RFC4 Antikörper RFC4 ELISA Kits RFC4 Proteine
RFC5 (Replication Factor C (Activator 1) 5, 36.5kDa): RFC5 Antikörper RFC5 ELISA Kits RFC5 Proteine
RPA30 - Replication Protein A 30 KDa Subunit: RPA30 Antikörper    
RPA1 - Replication Protein A1, 70kDa: RPA1 Antikörper RPA1 ELISA Kits RPA1 Proteine
RPA2 (Replication Protein A2):     RPA2 Proteine
RPA2 (Replication Protein A2, 32kDa): RPA2 Antikörper RPA2 ELISA Kits RPA2 Proteine
RPA3 (Replication Protein A3, 14kDa): RPA3 Antikörper   RPA3 Proteine
RPA4 - Replication Protein A4, 30kDa: RPA4 Antikörper   RPA4 Proteine
RB1 - Retinoblastoma 1: RB1 Antikörper RB1 ELISA Kits RB1 Proteine
RPS27A (Ribosomal Protein S27a): RPS27A Antikörper RPS27A ELISA Kits RPS27A Proteine
UBA52 - Ubiquitin A-52 Residue Ribosomal Protein Fusion Product 1: UBA52 Antikörper UBA52 ELISA Kits UBA52 Proteine
UBB - Ubiquitin B: UBB Antikörper UBB ELISA Kits UBB Proteine
UBC (Ubiquitin C): UBC Antikörper UBC ELISA Kits UBC Proteine