RBP2 Proteine (RBP2)

Retinol Binding Protein 2, Cellular Proteine (RBP2)
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AA409370, C76986, CRABP-II, CRBP, Crbp-2, CRBP2, CrbpII, Jarid1a, Rbbp2, Rbp-2, RBP2, RBPC2, wu:fb69e02
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
RBP2 214899 Q3UXZ9
RBP2 5948 P50120
RBP2 24710 P06768

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Zebrafish Retinol Binding Protein 2, Cellular (RBP2) Interaktionspartner

Mouse (Murine) Retinol Binding Protein 2, Cellular (RBP2) Interaktionspartner

  1. Kdm5a (zeige KDM5A Proteine) associates with p50 (zeige LSP1 Proteine) and binds to the Socs1 (zeige SOCS1 Proteine) promoter region in resting natural killer cells.

  2. The present study was designed to detect the expression of Histone H3 (zeige HIST3H3 Proteine) lysine 4 methylation and its demethylases LSD1 (zeige KDM1A Proteine), RBP2 and SMCX (zeige KDM5C Proteine) in 21-, 40- and 60-day-old mouse testes.

  3. Maintenance of gene silencing by the coordinate action of the H3K9 methyltransferase G9a/KMT1C (zeige EHMT2 Proteine) and the H3K4 demethylase (zeige MBD2 Proteine) Jarid1a/KDM5A (zeige KDM5A Proteine).

  4. In terminally differentiated cells, common KDM5A (zeige KDM5A Proteine) and E2F4 (zeige E2F4 Proteine) gene targets were bound by the pRB (zeige PGR Proteine)-related protein p130, a DREAM complex component.

  5. genetic ablation of Rbp2 decreases tumor formation and prolongs survival in Rb1 (zeige RB1 Proteine)(+/-) mice and Men1 (zeige MEN1 Proteine)-defective mice.

  6. Study reports that RBP2 is a demethylase (zeige MBD2 Proteine) that specifically catalyzes demethylation on histone H3 (zeige HIST3H3 Proteine) lysine 4, whose methylation is normally associated with transcriptionally active genes.

  7. JARID1a (zeige KDM5A Proteine) formed a complex with CLOCK-BMAL1 (zeige ARNTL Proteine) which was recruited to Per2 (zeige PER2 Proteine) promoter;it increased histone acetylation by inhibiting histone deacetylase 1 (zeige HDAC1 Proteine) function and enhanced transcription by CLOCK-BMAL1 (zeige ARNTL Proteine); JARID1a (zeige KDM5A Proteine) depletion shortened period of circadian rhythms

  8. KDM5A (zeige KDM5A Proteine) interacts physically with RBP-J (zeige RBPJ Proteine)

  9. RBP2 knockout mice have a higher rate of neonatal mortality and expression of CRBPII in the placenta

  10. DGAT1 (zeige DGAT1 Proteine) is an important intestinal acyl-CoA:retinol acyltransferase; does not directly prevent retinol from being acted upon by DGAT1 (zeige DGAT1 Proteine) or other intestinal ARATs in vivo

Human Retinol Binding Protein 2, Cellular (RBP2) Interaktionspartner

  1. promotes overexpression and activation of BCL2 (zeige BCL2 Proteine) in acute lymphoblastic leukemia development and progression

  2. RBP2 (zeige KDM5A Proteine) could induce epithelial-mesenchymal transition in esophageal cancer cells and exert a greater effect on the expression of E-cadherin (zeige CDH1 Proteine) in lung squamous cells than in esophageal squamous cells.

  3. RBP2 (zeige KDM5A Proteine) promotes HIF-1alpha (zeige HIF1A Proteine)-VEGF (zeige VEGFA Proteine)-induced angiogenesis of non-small cell lung cancer via the Akt (zeige AKT1 Proteine) pathway.

  4. The structure of retinal-bound human CRBPII and the structure of retinol-bound CRBPII with retinol fully occupying the binding pocket are reported.

  5. Data show that CRBPI (zeige RBP1 Proteine) and CRBPII bind 9-cis-retinol and 9-cis-retinal with high affinities, albeit with affinities somewhat lower than for all-trans-retinol and all-trans-retinal.

  6. retinoic acid responsiveness of the human CRBP II promoter is mediated by an indirect mechanism and that this mechanism is associated with enterocyte differentiation.

  7. We report here the X-ray structures of human apo (zeige C9orf3 Proteine) and holo CRBP II solved at 1.2 A resolution and compare the two structures between them and with the structures of zebrafish and rat CRBP II.

  8. HNF-4alpha (zeige HNF4A Proteine) is an important transcriptional factor that regulates human CRBPII gene expression; possibility for a novel function of HNF-4alpha (zeige HNF4A Proteine) in the regulation of human intestinal vitamin A absorption and metabolism

RBP2 Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

RBP2 is an abundant protein present in the small intestinal epithelium. It is thought to participate in the uptake and/or intracellular metabolism of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin necessary for growth, reproduction, differentiation of epithelial tissues, and vision. RBP2 may also modulate the supply of retinoic acid to the nuclei of endometrial cells during the menstrual cycle.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with RBP2

  • retinol binding protein 2, cellular (RBP2)
  • retinol binding protein 2a, cellular (rbp2a)
  • retinol binding protein 2, cellular (rbp2)
  • retinol binding protein 2, cellular (LOC100221460)
  • retinol binding protein 2, cellular (LOC100348334)
  • lysine (K)-specific demethylase 5A (Kdm5a)
  • retinol binding protein 2, cellular (Rbp2)
  • AA409370 Protein
  • C76986 Protein
  • CRABP-II Protein
  • CRBP Protein
  • Crbp-2 Protein
  • CRBP2 Protein
  • CrbpII Protein
  • Jarid1a Protein
  • Rbbp2 Protein
  • Rbp-2 Protein
  • RBP2 Protein
  • RBPC2 Protein
  • wu:fb69e02 Protein

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retinol-binding protein 2 , retinol binding protein 2, cellular , RBBP-2 , histone demethylase JARID1A , jumonji, AT rich interactive domain 1A (Rbp2 like) , jumonji/ARID domain-containing protein 1A , lysine-specific demethylase 5A , retinoblastoma binding protein 2 , retinoblastoma-binding protein 2 , CRBP-II , cellular retinol-binding protein II , retinol-binding protein 2, cellular , Retinol-binding protein 2 cellular , Retinol-binding protein 2, cellular

424822 Gallus gallus
477089 Canis lupus familiaris
568032 Danio rerio
616639 Bos taurus
715755 Macaca mulatta
733323 Xenopus laevis
743813 Pan troglodytes
100051689 Equus caballus
100221460 Taeniopygia guttata
100348334 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100380041 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
214899 Mus musculus
5948 Homo sapiens
19660 Mus musculus
24710 Rattus norvegicus
407611 Sus scrofa
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